"A person who solves problems – usually with brilliant, lucid thinking under pressure and stylish charisma for galvanizing other people into action.”


We are Winston Wolfe.  We Solve Problems.


WINSTONWOLFE.PRO, a division of Batya Communications, Inc. is a natural outgrowth of my continuing desire to be of service to the advertising community as well as the growing league of brands that want to create original content using existing resources. brings world class talent to your in-house infrastructure.

In the coming months we will be rolling out incredible talent: directors; editors; content strategists; UX designers; and more.  We are a match making resource servicing all aspects of content creation.

For today, let me introduce our list of incredible and exclusive directorial talent.

Looking forward to solving your problems.



These are our featured directors. Not seeing someone that fits the needs of your project? Hit up Winston and we can dip into our network of over 700 directors available for your project.

Winston Wolfe. We bring the bodies to you.


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